The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines stewardship as "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care." Under such a definition, Sandy and Roger Riedinger are stewards of an unparalleled legacy of bodybuilding integrity. As owners of Beverly International they have developed and expand upon a tradition of sports nutrition quality, customer care and passion for bodybuilding and the fitness lifestyle that is unique in the industry.

Bernie Ernst
But the story starts much earlier. Nearly four decades ago and over two thousand miles away, another fitness couple was building a legacy that would have a lasting impact in the lives of thousands of fitness-conscious lifters. Jim and Carole Heflin, have had an impact on the sports nutrition industry that can only be fully appreciated by those that have lived to see the sweeping changes that they have ushered in.

In the mid-sixties, Jim Heflin was a director at the Beverly Hills Health Club in West Los Angeles. This was the health club that catered primarily to the movie community and Beverly Hills. It consisted of two clubs – one was for men and the other was for women. He also worked part-time at the International Health Club, located near the Los Angeles International airport at the Hyatt House hotel.

Also working at the International Health Club was a gentleman named Bernie Ernst (pictured right). Ernst was a doctor of chiropractic and a noted bodybuilder of the time. He trained at Muscle Beach and was regularly profiled in the Strength and Health and the Weider publications.