On March 24, at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Covington, KY the 2007 "Beverly International" NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding & Figure Championships were held.

This event was one of the largest contests in the United States, with 249 competitors and approximately 2200 fans witnessing the evening Finals and 1000 in attendance during the morning Prejudging.

One of the highlights of the show was the athletes’ sportsmanship and backstage camaraderie. The audience fell in step with the tone and was the most respectful and kindest ever experienced at a bodybuilding contest.

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2008 Northern Contest Information 2008 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding and Figure Championships Application and Contest information
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  *Score Sheets in PDF format
  Teen Division
Teen Overall
  Men’s Novice
Novice Lightweight
Novice Middleweight
Novice Light Heavy
Novice Middle Heavy
Novice Heavy
Novice Overall
  Master’s Figure
Figure 45+
Figure 35+ Overall
Figure 35 Short
Figure 35 Tall
  Open Figure
Figure A
Figure B
Figure C
Figure D
Figure Overall
  Master’s Bodybuilding
Masters 60+
Masters 50+
Masters 40+
  Women’s Bodybuilding
Womens Lightweight
Womens Middleweight
Womens Heavyweight
Womens Overall
  Men’s Bodybuilding
Mens Bantamweight
Mens Lightweight
Mens Welterweight
Mens Middleweight
Mens Light Heavy
Mens Heavy
Mens Super Heavy
Mens Overall
Overall Winners:
  • Open Figure – Jennifer Jackson;
  • Men’s Bodybuilding – Jonathan Johnson;
  • Women’s Bodybuilding – Deborah Reboyras

Justin Compton 1st Teen Division

Vince Shirey 1st Lightweight Novice

Ryan Mackey 1st Middleweight Novice

Rod Mullett 1st Mid Heavyweight Novice
Austin Dossey 1st Men's-Novice Lt Heavyweight

Drew Smith 1st Heavyweight Novice & Novice Overall Champion

Julie Oliver 1st Master’s Figure 45

Brenda James 1st Master’s Figure 35 Short & Figure 35 Overall Champion

Melita McGill 1st Master’s Figure 35 Tall

Lisa Browning 1st Figure A
Jennifer_Jackson 1st Class
Jennifer Jackson 1st + Class B & Figure Overall Champion

Caralyn Hammonds 1st Figure C

Jennica Kidd 1st Figure D

Bill Yates 1st Master’s Men 60
David_Plew 1st Masters 50
David Plew 1st Master’s Men 50

Marvin Harper 1st Master’s Men 40

Rachel Ogden 1st Women’s Lightweight

Deborah Reboyras 1st Women’s Middleweight & Women’s Bodybuilding Overall Champion

Angela Sauer 1st Women’s Heavyweight

Scott Foster 1st Men’s Bantamweight
Jesse Reynolds 1st Men's BB Open LW

Morris Pruett 1st Men’s Welterweight

James Rupley 1st Men’s Middleweight

Jonathan Johnson 1st Men’s Light Heavyweight & Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Champion

Mark Podgorny 1st Men’s Heavyweight

Ray Hammonds 1st Men’s Super Heavyweight

More images... Backstage Contest Event

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