Tracy Beckham
  1996 Overall Female Bodybuilding Derby Champion

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By Sandy Riedinger, Beverly International Nutrition Coordinator
Bodybuilding World
Beverly International Nutrition
No Nonsense Newsletter Fall 1996

Tracy Beckham is no stranger to physique competition. Her interest in bodybuilding spans more than a decade. Her introduction to the sport came in the mid 1980's in the province of Alberta, Canada. She trained at time under the tutelage of the legendary Rory Leidlemeyer. Besides her involvement as a top flight local competitor, she also served as a certified IFBB bodybuilding judge.

Tracy now lives in Shelbyville, Kentucky where she and her husband and partner, Tonnie, are very successful personal trainers. Once Tonnie moved Tracy to Kentucky, he started talking about winning the sword, symbolic of the overall champion at the Derby City Bodybuilding Extravaganza. Tracy had not competed recently but was willing to give it a try. Tracy had continued her training and was eating clean year round, but to win a National Qualifying event she and Tonnie knew she needed to be bigger, more muscular with a little more refinement than her previous competitions.

That's when Tonnie and Tracy decided to visit us at the Beverly International Nutrition Center. Every two weeks starting, February 17, Tracy and Tonnie made the trek from Shelbyville to Northern Kentucky for Roger and I to monitor her condition, posing and nutrition. Tracy's goal was to lower her bodyfat percentage from 15% to below 10% while adding fullness and density to her muscles. Tracy accomplished this and more.

Tracy's nutrition plan and supplement program worked to a tee. She had increased energy, didn't feel hungry, and maintained a great attitude throughout the entire contest prep period with very little of the moodiness that often accompanies contest dieting. Tracy's training drive was animalistic all the way into the show. She was much stronger this time as well, able to use 50lbs. dumbbells for her shoulder presses. Each week she looked better and better. her final condition was her all-time best, bigger, harder, and better than ever. Tracy's contest weight was 128 lbs., a week contest prep period. With a 5% drop in bodyfat, Tracy's nutrition and supplement program actually added muscle into the show.

Tonnie ranks Tracy's best body part as her shoulders and overall symmetry. I agree, but you surely can't take anything away form her abdominals that are ripped and packed tight.

Tracy's future goals are to compete in the Team Universe or North American Championships. Oh, by the way, Tracy won Tonnie that sword with middleweight and overall championship at the Derby. We can't wait to see what she brings home next time.

If you live in the Shelbyville area , contact Tonnie and Tracy at Shelbyville Fitness Center. Tracy keeps meticulous training and dieting notes, look for her to share some of the fine points of her contest preparation in future issues of the No Nonsense Newsletter.

 Female Bodybuilding Champ Tracy Beckham
Not only is Tracy a competitive bodybuilder but she is also an IFBB judge
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