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Magazine 10 issue 4

Brian Wiefering
Back to the Basement: Breaking Down the Chest

Mike Milas
Natural Bodybuilder Improve In His Mid–40’s?

Jenn Paul
Striving to Be Best Figure Contest Plan

Ray Binkowski
Planning is Key to Success in Life and Bodybuilding

10 issue 1

Steven Wade
6 weeks to MASS & POWER. Developing shoulders, chest, pressing strength

Roger Riedinger
Get Started Right Part One: Simplified Devastation. Human experiment of physical refinement for personal growth

Bill Bearley
Ectomorph Battle Strategy. Physique that I could realistically achieve

Caity Hunt
Gotta Workout. Kick serious NPC competition booty

Stina Tellhammer
Fitness and figure competitions NABBA organization

Andy Fausz
Building a V–TAPER. Multiple sets of Lateral Raises build wide shoulders

Todd Jackson
CLASSIC PHYSIQUE. 4 days per week on a three day split

Amber Steinmetz
Bodybuilding competitions as a Couple

Roger Riedinger & Steve Colescott
Successful Bodybuilders. Apply Time-Tested Principles of Bodybuilding Success

Volume 9 issue 4

Dave Candy
Teen and Collegiate Bantamweight National Champion

Missy McKain
Complete Transformation – 2003 Overall NPC KY Figure Champion

Mark Dal
Drug Free Pro Bodybuilder – plan to compete, Stay Lean Off Season

Sean Andros
Balancing Life for a Student Bodybuilder

Kristina Henn
Dedication, Commitment, Recipe for Success/p>

Aram Hamparian
Here’s How I Took My Physique (and life) to a Higher Level

8 issue 2

  • Tom Witt
    Building Muscle at "50 Something"
  • Beth Simpson
    It’s Part of Living Life to its Fullest
  • Mark Ritter
    Nutritional Strategy I Used to Gain Lean Muscle Mass
  • Dennis B. Weis
    Secrets of Gaining Maximum Muscle Bulk & Power
  • Lara Sloan
    Personal PROFILE – Things I’ve Learned Along the Way
  • Ron Ashbaugh
    My Pillar of Support in an Unpredictable Life

7 issue 3

  • September Monthly Diet
    Bodybuilders who are already lean and want to lean out further
  • Chris Tarrach
    Journey becoming the tall class winner Mr. Natural Illinois
  • Mark Ritter
    Add 50 pounds of muscle to my 112-pound wrestler’s body
  • Shane Smith
    Meeting Beverly at The Arnold Classic Expo
  • Dave Payne
    My "Lucky-7" Precontest Tips
  • Ray Binkowski
    Bodybuilding: Learning the Beverly International Lifestyle
  • Tom Basso
    Watching "Pumping Iron" I knew what I wanted to be bodybuilder
  • Jeremiah Forster
    Back-To-The-Basics Training, sets, reps and methods!

7 issue 1