Training for Upper Body Mass

By: Beverly Support Staff

Body Muscle Journal Volume 1

Q: I want as much upper body mass as I can get. What’s best?
A: Well, besides praying, (and without steroids), heavy correct training with full recovery and high protein nutrition. The so-called "arcane" hardcore exercises are still best! Do bench presses, heavy bent rows, front shoulder presses, power cleans for the back and traps ---heavy cheat curls alternated with the lying triceps pullover and press for arms and all around upper body! Top these off with pull-ups and dips. These are all exercises where you should forget about the one or two sets to failure stuff.
In fact, do 3 6 sets of low to moderate reps 4 8. Do a few warm-up sets then pile on the iron. Rest at least 2-3 days BETWEEN workouts!

The second part of the equation is proper nutrition. And proper does not mean piddle little chicken breasts, rice and vegetables with one or two 270-calorie meal replacements thrown in. No, instead, you need to try the Beverly Ultra Size --- heavy cream combo. In just 16-oz water you can mix a drink with 760 calories and more than 50 grams protein low carbs with fantastic taste! Mix it with 20-30 ounces of non-fat milk and get another 20-30 grams of growth proteins. Other foods for mass are beef, whole eggs, peanut butter and rye bread. Finally, if you want more mass even faster, switch to 2% or whole milk.


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