By: Beverly Support Staff

Body Muscle Journal Volume 1

Q: I want as much upper body mass as I can get. What’s best?
A: Well, besides praying, (and without steroids), heavy correct training with full recovery and high protein nutrition. The so-called "arcane" hardcore exercises are still best! Do bench presses, heavy bent rows, front shoulder presses, power cleans for the back and traps ---heavy cheat curls alternated with the lying triceps pullover and press for arms and all around upper body! Top these off with pull-ups and dips. These are all exercises where you should forget about the one or two sets to failure stuff.
In fact, do 3 6 sets of low to moderate reps 4 8. Do a few warm-up sets then pile on the iron. Rest at least 2-3 days BETWEEN workouts!

The second part of the equation is proper nutrition. And proper does not mean piddle little chicken breasts, rice and vegetables with one or two 270-calorie meal replacements thrown in. No, instead, you need to try the Beverly Ultra Size --- heavy cream combo. In just 16-oz water you can mix a drink with 760 calories and more than 50 grams protein low carbs with fantastic taste! Mix it with 20-30 ounces of non-fat milk and get another 20-30 grams of growth proteins. Other foods for mass are beef, whole eggs, peanut butter and rye bread. Finally, if you want more mass even faster, switch to 2% or whole milk. You need calories and the best protein known to manULTRA SIZE!

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Body Muscle is an honest and straightforward Journal with applicable and usable information for everyone at every level of achievement.


Q: I’m strictly natural. Can I get anything out of reading FLEX and MUSCLEMAG magazines?
A: Both of their lingerie and bikini spreads may be designed to raise your testosterone level. But -- frankly, we are down on both as our largest industry flagships. Some consider their pictures motivating, but to be so motivated, you must find heavy-steroid physiques, with men making ridiculous faces while training in posing briefs (and saturated with oil), motivating. We don’t. It could be argued that both magazines are not really about healthy bodybuilding. For example, FLEX, up front, states that it is the voice of the champions themselves (?) But, FLEX NEVER gives the reader any of the champions describing their GH and steroid/insulin protocols, the major reason these boys are as incredibly big as they are. In both magazines, this lack of steroid information is indisputable fact so neither magazine is very honest. Unfortunately, the vast majority of real bodybuilders probably can not benefit from any of the workout or nutritional information in FLEX or MMI. Neither features the workouts and nutrition of beginners and/or natural bodybuilders. There is a monstrous difference between those on steroids and those off in both the capacity to absorb proteins and to workout hard and long. So, try to look at overall trends in both, enjoy the fake training pictures, but cut all the suggested workload volumes by 50-70%.


Q): What is the purpose of taking supplements if I eat a lot of good food, specifically your Mass Amino Acids and Ultra 40 Liver Tablet supplements?
A): Whole foods are best because of multi-nutrients. Even so, there can be flaws in whole food protein sources. All protein sources have different amino acid profiles and each food is limited by any limiting amino acids present. It doesn’t matter if its chicken, beef, or tuna, the amino profile is not always going to be maximized in all areas. Let’s say you are spelling the word STOP and you have 23 S’s, 45 T’s, 1 O and 24 P’s. You can only spell the word once because you are limited by one O. In protein parlance you’re limited by the least abundant amino to form new muscle.

Natural bodybuilders interested in maximum size should do everything possible to get the greatest protein spectrum and utilization. Mass and Ultra 40 Liver are a convenient way to get an amazing and unique amino acid profile to compliment what surely is missing from whole food. Mass is an awesome peptide bonded amino source from Casein Hydrolysate containing 1.25-gram protein per tablet. Lahl, et al have demonstrated that athletes under severe stress, such as hard exercise or trauma can benefit from the peptide bonded amino acids found in Mass because they are up to 16 times more effective for repair than whole food sources. That’s right, 16 times more effective! In two double blind studies, Beverly Mass amino acids had the highest nitrogen rating of any amino acid in our entire Industry. Nitrogen rating is what most protein scientists use to determine how much muscular weight gain a particular protein can facilitate. Ultra 40 tablets are desiccated Liver Extract containing 2 grams of protein per tablet. Whole beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods known to man. Liver has iron, cytochrome 450, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals from the ground. Whole cow food liver is high in fat, cholesterol, calories, and toxins. The desiccation extraction process used by Beverly removes all of these elements leaving an extremely nutritious low calorie whole food tablet available containing protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and added B-12. So, Mass and Ultra 40 are two unique protein sources that compliment each other and your food. They allow a simple convenient way, especially pre-contest, to maintain positive nitrogen balance to add protein and retain muscle without adding many extra calories. They are an excellent buy!


Q: Methoxy-isoflavone preparations seem to be the rage as the ads claim they foster greatly increased protein synthesis. Do you agree?
A: Well, we will try to keep an open mind and watch and learn about these products to see if they pan out, but to put it succinctly, no. Isoflavone substances have existed in the food supplement industry for years and never did much before and the so-called positive protein synthesis data is anecdotal, poorly controlled studies from countries like Bulgaria and Hungary, done some 30 years ago. We do not even know if they have legitimate food scientists now, let alone 30 years ago, and doubt the legitimacy of this research. Let’s see these positive affirmations replicated in placebo and well controlled blind and double blind American Medical studies and then we will be believers. Meanwhile use good proven proteins instead.


Q: I have looked in lots of stores for Beverly products, but I can’t find them. I’ve read a lot of positive stuff on Beverly Ultra Size and Muscle Provider, also 100% Egg. Can you tell me where I can get find Beverly proteins to try without ordering through the mail? That’s so expensive.
A: Quality is never cheap! We are known as the gym supplements and we don’t sell to major chain nutrition centers now because Beverly is made with such quality and precision that we are simply unable to provide them with the high profit margins they seek. Our products cost up to 3 to 4 times more just to manufacture than other major company products. An example is our Muscle Provider. Using standard industry mark-ups it would retail at $102.70. Now using another industry trick we could lower the percentage of pharmaceutical grade Whey Hydrolysate from 33% to 5%, increase the Whey Protein Isolate and keep the label the same. And it would still assay out to 100% label claim! Hydrolysate is extremely expensive and no one else in this industry even comes remotely close to Beverly in this regard.

Another story for another day is that we actually include all of the ingredients that are on the label in the product. Guess what/ Most other companies don’t. We do however sell to independently owned chain stores because their owners get bombarded with requests for Beverly, especially if there are a lot of serious bodybuilders on their customer list. Private health food stores are another good place to look. Our main interest is in the gyms of America. Our sport takes place, and was created in the gym. This company was founded in a gym and gym owners and their members are our life-blood. If your gym does not currently sell Beverly, then please request it. We’ll tell you what, we are so confidant that once tried you’ll re-order, you just call us for mail delivery and we will find a way to make the deal well worth your while price-wise! We promise same day shipping. Or, give me the name, and phone number of your gym and I’ll contact them personally about Beverly. Don’t miss out on the best just because you can’t initially find it!

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Body Muscle Journal and Beverly International testing supplements.


Q: I’m considering using a fat burner, but have heard a lot about the dangers of thermogenics. Does Lean Out contain dangerous stimulants or dangerous herbal fat burners?
A: No to both questions! Thermogenic fat burners work by stimulating the central nervous system. They can also have unwanted side effects like jitters, increased blood pressure, stress on the cardio vascular system and worse. When taken in large doses and long term, it also increases the risk of adrenal shut down and causes chronic elevation of the body builder’s worst nightmare: The Catabolic Cortisol Stress Hormone. There’s a reason why herbal stimulant warnings have to be printed on the label! If you have an existing health problem then you should know to stay away. Also, you should never go above the suggested maximum dose. The real problem with thermos is that they’re tremendously overused. We try to keep people off of them as long as possible. Any herbal stimulant or pharmaceutical is eventually going to cause receptor downgrade and will stop working. Then in order to get an effect; you need to up the dose. This in turn increases the potential for more side effects.
Four weeks before a show is about the only time we warrant the use of these products. Most true experts would agree that the real fat loss effects you get from thermogenics are from the increased exercise capacity anyway. Lean Out does not contain ephedrine or any other herbal stimulant. That means absolutely no side effects, and no receptor downgrade. Lean Out is a fat catalyst. It assists in releasing and transporting stored fat to be burned for energy so during exercise your body is less likely to burn muscle on a calorie restricted diet. You don’t get jittery, have a fast heart rate or get irritable coming off Lean Out.

Lean Out helps preserve muscle and releases fat for energy. While thermogenics may flat out burn more calories, they can come from any source including muscle! Thermogenics can certainly light a fire, but the Lean Out tells it what to burn. Lean Out contains Chromium for insulin regulation, Choline, Methionine, and Inositol for lipid transport, B-12, Coenzyme Q10, and a large 600-mg. dose of L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that transports fat into the mitochondria of muscle cells to be utilized as an energy source. Most thermos have low dose carnitine that does not work. If you study the research, you will find that 600 mgs of L-Carnitine is the minimum dose, and at least 1800 mg a day is what really works. You can easily do this with Lean Out or with Energy Reserve, which contains a whopping 600 mgs of pure L-Carnitine per tablet. Why don’t the big selling thermogens contain a real dose of L-Carnitine? Because it would cut into their profits too much! Lean Out is an integrated part of real nutrition that actually promotes health, while helping you to burn fat and retain muscle and finally it is NOT dangerous! Once more, you can even use it year-round.


Q) What is best to use whey or mixed blend proteins and what about Designer and Nitro-Tech? A) We are not being coy when we say both! Straight whey and quality mixed blends should be used in conjunction to maximize muscle growth, but correctly! Being in the actual manufacturing end of the business, we do not think much of whey concentrates as whey isolates and hydrolysates are much higher in quality. This is why Muscle Provider with 33% hydrolysates and egg albumin, is far ahead of all other whey-based proteins, like Designer and Nitro-Tech. Whey based proteins should be used with meals to slow absorption. Whey should not be taken on an empty stomach (morning or nightno), but taken when energy is not a prime requirement so that whey’s amino acids are not oxidized for energy.

Designer Protein by Next is a good protein, but in our opinion, their literature errors in recommending taking whey first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after sleep, because the scientific literature suggests the amino acids then may be too quickly absorbed and oxidized for energy! *Unless one combines it with regular breakfast food to slow absorption.

Mixed blends, especially if they include casein, are more anti-catabolic by slowing absorption. Mixed blends (Ultra-Size) provide a wider array of amino acids and egg albumin (Beverly 100% Egg) is the best-absorbed protein. Every protein is limited by their limiting amino acids and if you use just whey, you should add glutamine or Beverly’s Mass amino blend to it.


Q: Is cardio-conditioning crucial to me as a bodybuilder and if so what type of cardio is best?
A: Crucial no, but important? Yes and no, as it really depends on goals. As a bodybuilder, your goal is to gain lean muscle and lose fat. Now cardio is best to condition your heart and coronary circulation. It is good to give you more favorable blood lipid readings and to improve your maximum oxygen uptake. Some research suggests that a greater percentage of fat is utilized during low intensity cardio (< 70% of max heart rate exercise), especially after the 40-minute mark. during high intensity cardio glycogen is the primary fuel source. but, high intensity gives you the best after burn to use up even more calories. other research suggests that high intensity cardio can elicit various anabolic hormonal responses even elevated growth hormone. but, hormonal responses to exercise vary and one research study does not become the holy grail.

BodyMuscle recommends that you progressively increase cardio just like you do your weight training and also that you cycle cardio. You can use low intensity, high intensity or a combination of both, but make it progressive. Record the calories expended at each session for a week. Let’s say you are on an 8-week peak to a contest (or peaking for a 20-year high school reunion). As an example go 200 calories a day the first week for a total expenditure of 1400. For the following weeks, set a goal to increase by 10%. Get into the high intensity realm by keeping the time constant and increasing the intensity level each week. Like bodybuilding, this is like adding weight or performing a couple of extra reps with the same weight on a particular exercise. Keep upping your calories burned over the 8-week cycle. Add 10% per week to your total calories expended for the entire 8 weeks, like 1400, 1540, 1700, 1870, 2100, 2300, 2530 and 2800 in week eight. This is about 400 calories each session for 7 days and this is what most bodybuilders peaking tend to do. 3500 calories a week is an actual thermal pound/week, but with your after burn, you’ll easily be losing 1-3 pounds each week just with this additional exercise. At this point (8 weeks), we find that most bodybuilders really benefit from Lean Out, Liver and Muscle Mass BCAA’s to preserve lean muscle tissue while cranking out that high intensity cardio.


Q: I’m using a-one-a-day vitamin. Your vitamin packs have so many and higher doses. Why would I need all those vitamins and how is Beverly different?
A: Most vitamin/mineral supplements have been developed for relatively sedentary people trying to avoid dietary deficiencies. If you want to look like Fred Flintstone, then keep doing the yabba-dabba-do one a days. We are serious. In sports nutrition Beverly’s goal is not just to prevent deficiency but to optimize all the processes involved with growing muscle! To quote one sports nutritionist, The business of nutrition is to build a better body. While macronutrients protein, carbs, and fats provide basic raw material, you sill need special machinery. You need ample cofactor specialists (vitamins) to work as catalysts in body reactions. Severe training, dieting, stress and water loss can create vitamin/nutrient deficiencies and increase you need for many nutrients. Here are some special bodybuilding muscle needs:
  1. Vitamin A/Beta Carotene is important for all cell growth as well as skin, mucous membrane, and vision. Cell growth is certainly accelerated when we are injuring our muscle to build stronger, bigger muscles and bodybuilders/athletes are often deficient in vitamin A.
  2. The B vitamin spectrum is an integral part of the energy cycle in every cell. The more energy you expend the more B Complex you need. Requirements also increase as protein intake increase and lactic acid plagues our muscles (B-6). Others are needed to enhance oxygenation (B-12 and Folate), and improve fat and sugar utilization (Biotin).
  3. Antioxidants (like C, E, zinc selenium, etc.) are needed to combat the oxidative stress athletes impose on their systems. They repair the damage we do to our bodies and enhance muscular recovery.
  4. Co-factors function to enhance other metabolic functions like insulin sensitivity / glucose metabolism, fat mobilization and utilization, liver function, energy production, health and immunity, connective tissue strength (and the list goes on).
  5. Minerals are not only important as major components of our physical framework but are involved in just about every catalytic reaction our bodies require. The stress of hard training increases our needs while our structured diets can be deficient or unbalanced.

Add the above to the fact that the vitamin, mineral, and phyto-nutrient /co-factor content of food is affected by growing conditions and geography, processing and freshness. Beverly Super Packs and Ms. Power Packs are developed for the nutritional needs of weight training athletes in HEAVY training trying to gain maximum muscle with minimum fat. There’s no way our diets can provide us with optimal levels of all the nutrients we require to achieve our greatest potential. And, there’s no way you can cram all we need into 1 pill. The Beverly Packs take out the guesswork and give you the ultimate performance insurance!


Q) I own my own gym and we have good cardio and good free weights and machines, but we have no idea what to do about carrying, prescribing and recommending food supplements. In general, will the supplement companies provide us with good prices in minimum quantities and help us market?
A) A few large companies may give you some vague suggestions, and good prices but the emphasis with the large corporations in our business is in places like GNC (General Nutrition Centers). Beverly’s emphasis has been Medical, research and development, prior to 2000 and now our emphasis is back to the gyms. We deal exclusively with the gyms of America. Besides the fact that our top 3 proteins (Ultra Size, Muscle Provider and 100% Egg) are rated consistently as the best by every Medical/Physician group that does complete lab testing, these proteins are also rated number one by a survey of 9200 participating gyms and clubs in America.

Beverly provides great products, great prices and great marketing support. BodyMuscle is our new FREE publication specifically for gyms and we’ll send you as many as you want and need for your gym, to help you. BodyMuscle is real and deals with real bodybuilders, the guys and gals in the trenches and not propped up by steroids and $$ contracts. Beverly does not sell to any big volume discounters and each gym owner gets the best prices right up front! We do NOT undercut you. Beverly provides fail-safe information kits and full money-back guarantees.


Q) What is the difference between the protein products, Beverly Muscle Provider and Beverly Ultra Size? I have seen both of these proteins ranked real high by independent sources, but which one should I use?
A) Both! You would VERY surprised to find out all the pro bodybuilders who use both of these and actually publicly, endorse another company being under contract! One new open and 100% honest magazine, Planet Muscle, has actually done the science on the top proteins using top labs, and ranked both these proteins as number two in all the world. Of course, we think they are slightly off and we are number-one!

Muscle Provider is a pure pristine protein supplement. There is no added carb or fat. Its multi-species’ blend of highest quality proteins (whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, whey protein concentrate, lactalbumin, and egg white) ensures that it is used for tissue growth and repair. Single proteins or poor grade proteins are often burned as an energy source and can promote fat storage. Muscle Provider can enhance protein quality / quantity of your meals. Muscle Provider is a great tool for adding precise proteins without any additional carb or fat calories.

Ultra Size is really the most scientific meal replacement product ever made. It has a specific ratio of multi-species protein, lipids, and low glycemic carbs. The blend is supremely anabolic and it is ultra- convenient with exceptional taste and texture that is very rich and smooth. Ultra Size is a great way to increase protein calories and/or to replace whole food.

Muscle Provider is a vastly superior protein, and Ultra Size is a vastly superior balanced food with a very high ratio of several grade AAA proteins. Both products are clean’ enough to be used by the competing bodybuilder straight up to the day of the competition. No other products can make this claim! Muscle Provider provides tremendous flexibility in that you can modify the protein/fat/carb/calorie ratios to meet any requirement. Ultra Size is a convenient 1-stop shop that can also be modified with the addition of other supplements (like 100% Egg, Muscle Provider, Mass Maker, and cream, oil, fruit). It also makes the best tasting puddings, cakes, and pancakes any dieter could dream of. All Beverly powders are versatile with proven extreme efficacy.

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