Beverly International Publication

Quarterly publication filled with Real-World articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

Best Of The Beverly Part One
Articles handpicked from our 2008-2010 archives,

are as relevant today as when originally published.

Volume 21 issue 1

Crystal Buchanan
Skinny Fat to Sculpted Physique

Eric Senter
After a Lifetime of Lifting My First Year of Competition

Fat Loss Accelerator
Bring your Best Body to the beach with the Fat Loss Accelerator Stack

Classic Physique
Itching to compete but don’t feel you are quite big enough for bodybuilding
and also aren’t crazy about competing in Men’s Physique?

A Workout for the Novice Physique Competitor
“Want to get started in Physique? A Workout to get ready for your first contest.”

Volume 20 issue 4

Cydney Gillon IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Next Generation Fitness

Sandy Riedinger Beverly Beat Winter 2016
Why do we publish our own Magazine?

Leslie Hambrick From Cardio Queen to Sculpted Body
Set a goal to win a Masters Figure Title

Rebecca Powell My Journey from Competitive Boxer to Women’s Physique Competitor

Frank Lagarde Don’t call it a Comeback
“Bodybuilding is a sport in which 99% of the athletic performance takes place before the day of competition.”

Khoshal Azami Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle
“When I began training for my first competition I quickly learned that there was a lot more to it than just pumping iron.
I had no idea that training went hand-in–hand with the right diet, the right supplements, and the right amount of cardio.”

Volume 20 issue 3

Stacks for Men & Women: 3 Levels of Stacking for reaching your Goals

Jay Pratt 1st place, in both Men’s Physique Master’s and Open Division

Karina Rhode My 9-Year Journey to an IFBB Pro Card

Sean Young Here’s How I trained
for 2 Half-Marathons, a Pro Bodybuilding Show, at the same time!

Savina Nikolova NPC Bikini Competitor
Becoming the BEST version of ME

Bodybuilding Strategies

Julie Lohre IFBB Figure Pro
Julie Lohre Captures the NPC Northern Figure

Childbirth to Figure Champion in just Five Months

Leslie Draper posing with trophy
Leslie Draper Tunnel vision, focused on my goal

Three 1st Place Figure Wins in One Season

Leslie Draper posing with trophy
Real Life Case Study Placed 2nd in first event, won the next

What Beverly Did for Rita Kaya

Sean Young pro bodybuilder
SMART goal system Managing family, life & training

Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely

Scott Foster
My Road to IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Steve Mousharbash From Bodybuilder to men’s Physique Competition
Here’s How I Did It