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Best Of The Beverly Part One
Articles handpicked from our 2008-2010 archives,

are as relevant today as when originally published.

Volume 20 issue 4

Second Generation Fitness Leader

on the over Cydney Gillon

Cydney Gillon IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Frank Lagarde Don’t call it a Comeback

“Bodybuilding is a sport in which 99% of the athletic performance takes place before the day of competition.”

Volume 20 issue 3

Stacks for Men & Women
3 Levels of Stacking for reaching your Goals

Jay Pratt’s: Road to Redemption
1st place, in both Men’s Physique Master’s and Open Division

The Beverly Advisor Team

A Workout for the Novice Physique Competitor

“Want to get started in Physique? Here’s the kind of workout you should perform to get ready for your first contest.”

Karina Rhode: My 9-Year Journey to an IFBB Pro Card

Beverly Beat Fall 2015 by Sandy Riedinger

Sean Young: Here’s How I Trained for 2 Half-Marathons and a Professional Bodybuilding Show…at the Same Time!

Savina Nikolova: NPC Bikini Competitor
Becoming the BEST version of ME

Volume 20 issue 2

Sandy Riedinger
Beverly Beat Spring/Summer 2015
Beverly talk with a personal touch.

Tiko Blane
Leader of One, Leader of Many
"This story is different from any athlete profile we have ever printed.

The beginning is not unlike that of many people in our society.."

Julie Parent
Ms. Natural KY Bikini Shares Her Lifestyle
Challenges I faced that I’d like to share with you.

Lisa Lachowski
I Am Living My Dream as an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro
Examples of the diet, supplement program, and training I did for my last competition.

John Lankford
Sixty May be the New 40!
When I turned 60, I got the itch to compete again. I really wanted to know if I still had it.

Steve Colescott
Magic Happens! Iryna McCraw’s Road to Success