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You’re looking for results, right? Well one thing’s for certain. No matter how hard you train. No matter what supplements you take. To build new muscle you need protein. The better the protein... the better the results. Well, we’ve just designed the newest and best whey to provide your muscles with the nutrients needed to repair, rebuild, and grow... Muscle Provider!

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Muscle Provider Beverly’s flagship protien shake

How many times have you heard the statement, you can get all the protein you need from a normal diet? The question is, need for what? There’s quite a difference between the need to sustain life and the need to achieve a premium muscular body. To sustain life you need about 36 grams of protein per 100 lb. of bodyweight. Recent research has shown five times this amount may be required to obtain maximum increases in strength and lean mass.

See for Yourself

Try doubling your protein intake for a few days and watch what happens! It only takes a matter of days to notice a big difference in terms of muscularity and strength. One of the pioneers in bodybuilding nutrition, Irvin Johnson, who later changed his name to Rheo H. Blair, used this secret to perform bodybuilding miracles on hundreds of less than average physiques. He transformed Jim Park from an average bodybuilder to Mr. America in less than four months. (No drugs folks, this was in the 50’s.) In the 60’s, Larry Scott used Blair’s methods to overcome genetic limitations and become the first Mr. Olympia.

A Little Known Secret

Did you know protein can actually influence your body’s ability to build muscle, burn fat, or gain weight, depending on how you use it? Increasing your protein intake almost always results in greater muscularity. Protein in large amounts, 1.5 to 2 grams per pound of bodyweight maxes out the amino acid content of the muscles, giving them a harder, fuller appearance. Your hormonal system also gets involved, switching over from fat storing to a fat burning mode through the release of the hormone glucagon. This fat burning hormone is released in response to a greater protein/carbohydrate ratio in your diet. You could simply lower carbohydrates, but you’d lose a lot of muscle. We’ve seen sensational results with a two-to-one ration of protein to carbohydrates using Muscle Provider and Mass Maker.

What if I Want to Gain?

If muscular weight gain is your goal, increase your protein intake to the recommended level, but instead of a two-to-one ration of protein to carbs, increase the carbs to a 1.5 or 1:1 ration, 40-60 grams protein and 40 grams carbs five or six times daily. Can you do this without supplements? Sure, but it’s a lot easier to eat three major food meals and two or three minor ones, supplementing the minor ones with a tablespoon or two of delicious tasting Muscle Provider to make up the difference.

One of the easiest, yet most neglected ways to use Muscle Provider is to take it right along with your meals. Not only will it increase your total protein intake, the high amounts of essential amino acids will complete the amino profile of your whole food sources giving you even greater protein utilization for sure fire gains. Is this too much protein at one time? Only if you want to stay small! Forget the myth that you should only use thirty grams of protein at one time. You’ll never get anywhere with that kind of thinking. We find fifty grams or more per meal is the way too get big!

No Nonsense Protein Supplementation

The best protein supplement to use without question is whey. Not just any whey, but Muscle Provider, the highest quality protein supplement on the market. Here’s some of the nutritional science behind Muscle Provider that makes it the best protein supplement available...

Don’t be fooled or swayed by all of the different ads pitting one protein against the other. Muscle Provider works. Follow the recommendations below and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve your goals.

Method #1: (good for gaining, losing and muscle building)

Mix 1 – 2 scoops Muscle Provider in 8 oz. water, Crystal Light, diet orange soda, or nonfat milk. We have found you can benefit by drinking this right along with your meals, especially if you’re already eating 4–6 times a day. This method accelerates fat burning as you increase the ratio of protein to carbohydrate. If you’re attempting to gain weight keep your food carbohydrates slightly higher, if attempting to become more muscular, lean toward a lower intake of carbohydrates.

Method #2: (best for muscle building and fat burning)

2–4 oz, heavy (whipping) cream, 4–8 oz. water, 1 T Flaxseed Oil or 1 whole egg (microwaved for 20 – 30 seconds), 2 – 3 scoops Muscle Provider. We usually throw in a small amount of frozen fruit (strawberries or peaches.) Popularized by the legendary Rheo H. Blair, this appears to be radical, but believe me, it works! Muscle Provider is the only protein currently on the market that we’ve seen to work with cream to actually increase muscularity. Others tend to cause a slight decrease in definition when combined with cream.

To gain weight (muscle mass,) take up to three drinks daily in between regular meals. To lose fat use the drink twice daily in addition to two regular meals. You’ll be amazed at your reduction in surface bodyfat and increase in muscle hardness. Keep regular meals high in protein, moderate in fat and low to moderate in carbohydrate. Keep food source carbohydrates 30 grams or less from vegetables and low carbohydrate fruits (strawberries, cantaloupes and preaches) per meal.

Method #3 (the 60/40 mix; excellent for weight gain)

Mix 2 scoops Muscle Provider protein, with 1 scoop Mass Maker (use the scoop provided with the Muscle Provider, the Mass Maker scoop is too big) or 20 grams of a maltodextrin carbohydrate supplement, 8 – 12 oz. water. Drink three or more times a day with meals to dramatically increase nutrient density. These two supplements are probably the absolute best form to take for this purpose. When you must miss a meal, three scoops Muscle Provider and 2 scoops Mass Maker with a tablespoon flax oil added will give you 60 grams protein, 40 grams carbohydrate and 14 grams essential fats.

Give Muscle Provider a try

You’ll discover why top bodybuilders are switching to Muscle Provider... great taste and terrific results! This new "super" protein is the result of a long and exhausting search to find the ingredients that work. What others can only claim, we can provide ... Muscle Provider!

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