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The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly (4 issues per year) publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

Volume 11 issue 2 contents

A Fit Figure: How to in 12 weeks!
Specific recommendations for the woman who wishes to compete (or just look like she could compete) in a figure or fitness contest

Lessons for the Figure Competitor

 Karen Jo Koumas
Ideal workout for women to achieve a shapely, fit, lean physique

  Tim A. Camilli
My Four-Phase Training and Nutrition Program for the 2006 Empire State Natural

  Tim Mielke
How I Achieved My Best Ever Bodybuilding Condition

  Tina Marie Walsh
My First Figure Show

Melanie Cole posing with trophy

Fit Figure Four Month Figure Makeover