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The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly (4 issues per year) publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

Volume 11 issue 2 contents

 Rachel Johnson
A Fit Figure: How to in 12 weeks!
Specific recommendations for the woman who wishes to compete (or just look like she could compete) in a figure or fitness contest..
 Fit Figure Four Month Figure Makeover

 Linda Reho
Lessons for the Figure Competitor

 Karen Jo Koumas
Ideal workout for women to achieve a shapely, fit, lean physique

  Tim A. Camilli
My Four-Phase Training and Nutrition Program for the 2006 Empire State Natural

  Tim Mielke
How I Achieved My Best Ever Bodybuilding Condition

  Tina Marie Walsh
My First Figure Show

Volume 11 issue 1

Previous issue

 Brian Wiefering
How to Build Your Family While You Build Your Physique

 The Golden Years
Bodybuilding Past Sixty

 Missy Rodger
Getting Ready for My First Figure Contest

 Rusty Treaufee
Pro Shop Diaries
Part One: Protein and Discontent

 Bob Maurer
My Road to the Northern Middleweight Class Winner

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