Bodybuilding Lessons

A Bond Between Brother and Sister

By: Tammy Storch

Magazine 6 #3

It’s not everyday that a brother and sister share the same passion. But in the case of Jeff and Tammy, they both thrive on competitive bodybuilding. It must be in the genes!

I recall sitting across from my brother backstage at the NPC Ohio Bodybuilding Championships this past June of 2000 with a sense of calm. It wasn’t always like this, usually I was the one backstage, nervous, pacing wondering who was going to take home that overall, or first place trophy’thinking.. it won’t be me. Meanwhile, my brother Jeff was charged up. He had come to the Ohio in the best shape of his life and after the prejudging he knew he was in for a fight.

In this article Jeff and I will detail our preparation for the 2000 NPC Ohio. Although we had both competed before, Jeff for fourteen years while this was only my 2nd, this was our first show together. Bodybuilding is like nothing you’ve ever done before. It’s difficult to explain the pre contest experience to people who haven’t competed, but Jeff and I will do our best for those of you who are interested in competing, or just curious about the process.

I’d always admired my brother’s dedication to bodybuilding. But until the last couple of years I concentrated on running as my major form of exercise. I thought that running would keep me in good shape and paid little attention to my nutrition or weight training.

Actually running as my main source of exercise left me skinny–fat
In other words I looked fine in clothes. Period!

Once I began training I realized what I had been missing. I knew I wanted to compete. It would take proper training, good nutrition and time (in my case three years) to build the kind of muscle I’d need. I knew my brother Jeff and many other friends and acquaintances had worked with Roger and Sandy. Over the years I had watched Jeff improve tremendously while on his Beverly International nutrition program.

I worked with Roger and Sandy in 1999, but not 100%. I cheated a little on my diet; left out a recommended supplement here and there. I thought I’d be okay on my own. Well, I did okay, just okay. I knew in my heart I could do much better. I should have listened to Jeff.

My brother, Jeff on the other hand – once he starts his diet – that’s it – no more cheating! I’ll let Jeff take it from here:

Tammy Storch
2000 Ohio Valley Novice Overall Women’s Champion
2000 Ohio Bodybuilding Championships Lightweight Women’s Champion
2000 Ms. Cincinnati Lightweight Women’s Champion
2000 Battle of Champions Lightweight Women’s Champion
2000 Queen City Novice Lightweight Women’s Champion

Jeff Storch at the 2000 NPC Ohio; 3.4% at 204 lbs

First off I’ve learned that even in the off-season you have to pay attention to your diet. The first time I went to Roger and Sandy at Beverly International for help with my diet was 1995. I was at 16% bodyfat. Before working with Beverly International I’d let my weight get up to 240 or 250 in the off-season and then diet down for 24 – 26 weeks to the mid 180’s for competition.

Lesson #1

Keep your bodyfat down in the off-season!

Tammy Storch contest day

This year I followed that rule very closely. I started my diet at 16 weeks out at 5.7% at 226. This was the lowest pre-diet body fat reading I have ever had. For the 1999 contest season I started at 8.5% or so and thought that was good. This year I started 3% lower! What made the difference? The only thing I did different this year form last year was I only used Beverly products. In past off-seasons I’d try different brands of protein powders and meal replacements just to save a little bit of money. I knew that there was a quality difference but didn’t realize that using substitutions rather than just Beverly International could make a 3% difference in my body composition!

This year I used only Muscle Provider, Mass Maker, and Ultra Size. It was well worth the slight cost increase! Remember a deal is not always a deal; you pay one-way or another in the end

Lesson #2

Quality is the best value! Use Beverly International supplements if you want to be your best – not just for the contest season, but in the off-season as well.

Now, here’s what happens if you don’t follow that rule to the tee. Back to Tammy:

For the year 2000, I started early with Roger and Sandy, determined to be my best. I thought I had done pretty well in the off-season. I sort of watched what I ate and trained consistently. I tried to put on some muscle mass but my body let me down. It went right back to where it was the year before. Coming into the competition season it was right around 25%. I learned what my brother Jeff learned a couple of years earlier.

Lesson #3

If you don’t pay close attention to your nutrition and supplement program in the off-season, your body will go right back to the level of bodyfat that it had been in the past. Roger and Sandy helped Jeff and I to understand what it takes to compete successfully. This year I was serious about winning, and learned my lessons well. If you are interested in bodybuilding please give them a call today. They can help you achieve your goals!

Regardless of my off-season condition I was determined to do things right this time. My main goal was to compete in the Ohio Bodybuilding Championships with my brother. I felt the opportunity to compete with Jeff would be something special, and I didn’t want to let him down by coming into the show in poor form!

So I started my diet in January, Jeff didn’t have to start his until nearly two months later.

I started my diet at 1650 calories as follows:
Meal #1
3 oz. turkey breast
4 egg whites, 1 yolk
½ grapefruit
Meal #2
Protein Drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 2 tsp Flax Oil, 3 strawberries, 12 oz water
Meal #3
5 ounces chicken (weighed prior to cooking)
2 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.
2 TBL Cider Vinegar and 1 tsp Sunflower Oil (or other vegetable oil) for a dressing
Meal #4
Protein Drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider in water
Meal #5
5 oz lean meat (chicken breast, turkey breast) or 6 oz Cod Fish
1-cup green beans
Monday and Thursday: I would substitute my 5th meal with 1 cup brown rice (measured after cooking), 6 oz. sweet potato, and a 4 oz. Banana

Now, Jeff is going to tell you about his:
And another thing! I have an extremely tough schedule as a personal trainer – sometimes back-to-back clients for six hours or more. Plus I was in the formative stages of opening my new fitness center, Bodyworx Fitness Company. So, I told Roger I did not have time to eat more than five meals daily and at least two, often three would need to be drink mixes. I could actually sip these drinks while I trained my clients. I hate to think how much lean mass I would have lost if I relied on the typical 250 – 300 calorie meal replacement packets that most of my competitors use when rushed for time.

Here is the diet and personalized MRP that Roger formulated for the 1st eight weeks of my diet.
Roger told me to just select any of the meals listed below. If I needed 3 drinks on a particularly busy day, then I’d drink my own personalized MRP listed below three times and any of the other options for the other two meals.
Meal Replacement Drink 2/23/00:
(880 calories, 76 grams protein, 80 grams carbohydrate,
22 grams fat)
1 – scoops (large) Mass Maker
3 scoops Ultra Size
1 oz heavy whipping cream or 1 tablespoon Flax Oil

I could just scoop out the powder into plastic baggies or right into a shaker in the morning. Then whenever it was time for a meal I’d add water and boom – an awesome meal replacement with exactly 20% of the calories that I needed for the day.

The food meals that I could choose from were:
Option A: 12-oz chicken or turkey breast,
10 oz sweet potato or 1 – cups oatmeal (before adding water),
1 cup green beans or other green vegetable
Option B: 8-oz chicken + 6-oz 92% or leaner beef
2 cups cooked rice, 1 – cups oatmeal or 10 oz sweet potato
1 cup green vegetables
Option C: 1-cup oatmeal, 3 scoops Ultra Size, 1 banana, and
1-oz cream (I could mix all this up in a bowl and eat it on the road or whenever.

I almost always used the personalized meal replacement drink and Option A with oatmeal for my carb – it was the easiest and most convenient method for me.

My other supplements at this time were 6-Ultra 40 liver tablets per meal, a Super Pak with my post training meal for the antioxidant and muscle repair factors, and Ultra C in the morning and before training

Lesson #4

Your precontest diet is directly related to your off-season conditioning. The better you are in the off-season the easier your precontest diet will be.

Tammy here:
Although I was disappointed in my initial condition my diet worked extremely well. Every two weeks I’d contact to Beverly for Sandy to monitor my condition, tweak the diet and to get my competition mind-set straight

At one point, since my legs have some stubborn fat on them, she suggested that I resume my first love running. But this time with a new twist. In addition to my normal 45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times weekly, I did sprints around a mile track (once around sprinting, way around walking 3 – 4 times). The sprinting really helps to tighten up the legs (something us girls have to work harder on!)

Besides her help with my diet, cardio and posing, she even helped me choose the right competition tanning products, and my posing suit!

Jeff, on the other hand did not add any cardio until the last few weeks as he approached his lowest body fat percentage of all time. For Jeff mountain biking was his preferred activity interspersing sprints with longer rides.

Tammy posing during her routine

Lesson #5

Use cardio to break a sticking point or if you did not pay enough attention to your off-season diet. Interval training works better for holding muscle and losing fat from hard to reach places than traditional cardio methods

Jeff and I continued to contact them over the next several weeks to monitor our condition and to see whether we needed a diet change or not. Since my calories were already pretty low Sandy would just gradually cycle my supplements to achieve higher and higher degrees of fat burning. I was especially amazed at the drop in bodyfat and added degree of hardness I achieved when she added GH Factor, Muscle Mass and Energy Reserve to my pre workout supplement program.

Here is the complete supplement program I used:

  • Muscle Provider 4 scoops daily
  • Super Pak 1 multi-vitamin pack daily
  • Lean-Out 2 capsules with meals 1,3,5
  • Energy Reserve 1 bottle per week prior to the show
  • Ultra 40 and Mass Amino 3 of each with every meal
  • 10 Muscle Mass and 4 GH Factor taken prior to evening workout
  • Ultra-C Antioxidant 2 taken after workout
  • Glutamine taken after workout until about 4 weeks out from first the show

Jeff eventually had to lower calories from 4200 all the way down to 3300 – poor brother! I’ll let him tell you of his suffering:

The change was not huge, like 900 calories I believe. I prefer high fat diets to carbs anyway so cutting the carbs was not a big loss for me. We dumped the oatmeal and Mass Maker switched the chicken to beef. Cool! This is the kind of diet I like!

Diet Plan
Meal #1: 12 oz 92% lean beef (Laura’s), lots of salsa and cup oatmeal
Meals #2 and 4: 3 scoops Ultra Size,
2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 TBS heavy cream, 4 strawberries and
I’d mix this in about 18 – 20 oz water.
Check this out for an MRP: 83 grams protein, 20 grams carbs and 16 grams fat!
Meal #3: 12 oz chicken, 6-oz sweet potato and 1.5 cups green vegetables
Meal #5: 8 oz chicken breast, 12 egg whites, tons of salsa and 1 TBS Flax Oil

I stayed on this down to 3.7% I think. That was at 3 weeks out. Now Roger got a little nasty with me! (So lets get it on I say!!! Hit me!) Check this out 10 oz. Beef, and a grape fruit and 1 cup of vegetables 3 times a day, and 2 drinks, 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 2 scoops Ultra Size mixed in water. Oh yeah! And 6 egg whites at night. Roger loves creating my diets. One food meal to design eat it 3 times, one meal replacement drink drink two of them, hand me the paper and out the door I go!

I did quite a bit of other Beverly supplements this time as well Super Paks (always), Ultra 40, Mass, Ultra-C, (always) Muscle Mass, Lean out, L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, ZMA, Joint Care and Energy Reserve. All added and taken away as needed.

Lesson #6: Supplements are exactly that – supplements! They add to your nutrition and give you the winning edge. Remember you are trying to increase the quality of your nutrition to its highest level you’re not trying to make it more average by using average supplements. Use only the best. Tammy and I use Beverly exclusively.

Well I got down to 3.4%. It was my lowest reading ever by .14 % I know it does not sound like a lot but at this level anything is a big drop!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times!

Finally we come down to the show itself. Jeff and I were both in the best condition of our lives. Early in the evening I won my class in both the Ohio Valley Novice and the open Ohio. I also was awarded the overall title in the Ohio Valley Novice. Jeff was awesome. He won the open heavyweight title and then prepared to do battle for the overall. It turned out to be a two-man contest between Jeff and the Super heavyweight winner. The more they posed the better Jeff’s condition stood out. As the judges′ votes were tallied it turned out that Jeff lost the over all title by just one point!!!

Even though we both couldn’t leave as overall champions this show was very special for me. It’s not often that you get to compete in the same show with your sister and each take home a 1st place trophy. It must be the genetics!!! (plus a lot of hard work, discipline and Beverly International.)

Volume 6 #3