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My Preparation For The 2000 Mr. Ohio

By Rainer Hartmann
Bodybuilding World
No Nonsense Newsletter Vol 6 #4

Has it really been 2 years since I last sat down and wrote an article for the newsletter? Time flies and a lot has happened since then.

Back in 1998, with Roger and Sandys help I achieved each of my bodybuilding goals I got in the best shape of my life and won the overall title at the Mr. Cincinnati. More than a year and a half later it was time to set some new goals: (1) Get my body fat even lower than in 1998. (2) Add lean mass and weigh in at least four pounds heavier than 1998. (3) Win the 2000 Mr. Ohio.

While starting Das Gym adding 10 lbs lean mass
I increased my lean mass 10 lbs from my previous best in 1998. With starting my gym and all my progress was really condensed into less than a 10 month span starting September of 99 a pound per month!

But first, I had to get back in shape. Id opened my own gym, Das Gym in February 1999. My schedule was really hectic. Working 100 hours per week it was rough staying on a precise nutrition program and there was little time left to train. But finally, as the fall of 99 approached, things settled down a little, I got back on track and started to focus on my bodybuilding.

In early September my training consisted mostly of heavy, basic movements, training five days a week, and hitting each muscle group once. My diet was fairly good for the off-season, and my body fat was now in the 10% range. But my weight was still down and I needed to start putting on some mass. Heres what I did:

I teamed up with one of my gym members, Renee Kniskern, who was training for her first competition. (In March she won her weight class at the Northern Kentucky Championship.) Seeing her get into contest shape helped motivate me and keep me fired up through the fall and winter.

I started taking my Mass Aminos (4/meal) and Ultra 40 (6/meal). I also included Beverlys pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine and Creatine Monohydrate. As usual, the addition of these Beverly International supplements did the trick right away. By December 31, my body weight had increased 8 lbs, while my body fat dropped from 10% to 7.5% - a loss of 4 lbs fat! This gave me a net gain of 12 lbs of lean mass in just 16 weeks!

For the next two months I pretty much maintained the status quo and started my serious dieting on March 1 at 7.1% body fat. Let me continue with notes from my diary so youll get to see my progress as my contest preparation pace began to pick up.

March 1st: Start of the contest diet! Roger gave me a diet similar to the one I had followed in 98, about 65% protein, 20-25% fat and the rest carbs, at around 3200 calories (which was about 500 calories more than in 98).

March 16: We needed to make a change. My body fat dropped from 7.1% to 5.8% but my body weight was dropping too fast. Roger told me to add 90 grams of carbs per day, in the form of oatmeal or potatoes. That sounds great to me! Ive never dieted eating so many calories before. This will certainly help my mood!

April 19: Ive only lost two pounds over the past month! Bodyfat is now at 4.1%! Lean mass has not dropped at all in fact its up a half pound.

Major event: One other important step happened during my contest preparation - I had applied for citizenship in 99 and was sworn in, in May 2000. Since I was now a US citizen I decided to try my luck at a National level show and enter the Jr. Nationals in Houston.

May 2nd: Another visit at Beverly. Body fat is down to 3.7% now. Percentage is already lower than in 98 when I won the overall at the Northern Kentucky-WOW! Plus, Im 13 lbs heavier, what a difference! Roger just told me to continue with my current diet. Im still eating cottage cheese and putting heavy cream in my shakes-yummy!

May 17: Body fat is at 3.49%-a new record for me! Now its time to cut out dairy products and replace them with chicken or turkey breast. Started GH Factor, Muscle Mass and Muscularity to prevent lean muscle mass loss.

May 24th: The day Ive been waiting for - broke my own record from 98 on the total sum of my nine skinfolds - 22.25! My weight is still 12 lbs. more than in 98. Plus, my workouts are still going great. Ive hardly lost any strength!

May 31st: Another star from Roger total points at 21.5 body fat at 3.26% - and I still weigh 178 lbs (ten pounds more than in 1998!) Im ready for the Mr. Indianapolis this Saturday.

June 3rd: Finally, the first show! Thanks to Sandy my tan looks awesome! Twelve competitors in the middleweights; the biggest class at the show! All the posing pays off, since the judges take their time and it seems to take forever posing out there. In the end I won the middleweight class and but lost to the heavyweight in the Overall.

June 7th: Im ready for the Ohio peaked perfectly but guess what the contest date was moved back two weeks to the 24th. Now the changes in my measurements slow down, but there are still daily improvements in my hardness and separation. In order to maintain lean mass Im taking Muscle Mass and Energy Reserve before and during workouts. Good pump!

June 15th: Off to Houston for the Jr. Nationals. The Beverly team travels together! Checking my form the day before the show, after putting my tanning lotion on, everyone thinks that I should have a good chance to get to the Finals. Apparently the judges were looking for something different; only 12th place this time-bummer! One more week to go till the Ohio!

June 22nd: A last body fat check-and new lows again! My points are at 20.75, body fat at 3.19% body weight is 175 lbs. I know theres nothing else I can do to get into any better shape, its gonna be up to the judges on Saturday!

bodybuilder Rainer Hartmann Rainer lowest lean body fat ever
Left: At the Indianaplois a week before the scheduled Ohio I was starting to peak. I'd just cut out the cream then added GH Factor and Muscularity two weeks earlier. Right: I accomplished two of the three goals I set for 2000 - I improved on my lowest ever bodyfat percentage and increased my lean mass. "I'll be back" for the one I missed - the 2001 Ohio.

June 24th: The day is here - 2000 Mr. Ohio, eight other competitors in the middleweights, again one of the biggest classes in the show. Everyone is in good shape, after prejudging I get compliments on my condition and a lot of people think I have won the class, but when they announce the placing in the evening its only second place. Even so, I know I was in my best shape ever, thanks to Beverly International.

Now its back to the drawing board to improve in certain areas for 2001!

Heres my basic diet that allowed me to add lean mass while lowering my body fat to below 4%:

Breakfast: 8 oz. ground beef (93% fat free), 6 egg whites,
veggies, 1 serving grits or oatmeal,  grapefruit or  cantaloupe

Snack:  protein shake (1 scoop each Ultra Size, 
Muscle Provider, 100% Egg, 1 tbsp cream, strawberries, H2O),

Lunch:  cottage cheese (1/2 container), 1 scoop Ultra Size, 
1 serving oatmeal, pineapple

Snack:  Protein shake: 1 scoop each Ultra Size, 
Muscle Provider, 100% Egg, 1 tbsp cream, strawberries, H2O

Snack: Protein shake: 1 scoop each Ultra Size, 
Muscle Provider, 100% Egg, 1 tbsp cream, strawberries, H2O

Dinner: 8 oz. ground beef, veggies, 2 cups salad

6 Ultra 40 liver tablets,
4 Mass Amino per meal,
1 Super Pack,
1 Lean Out per meal,
3 Muscle Mass 3 times a day,
3 Muscularity 3 times a day,
2 Anti Oxidant,
4 Joint Care,
Flax Oil

I basically trained each major muscle group once a week, calves and forearms twice a week, abs 3-4 times. For cardio I only did two sessions a week in the first 2 months, once my body fat was below 4% I just relied on posing, which I did pretty much every day for about 10-20 minutes. This low amount on cardio certainly wont work for everybody, thank God it did for me, since Im not a fan of sitting on a bike to burn calories!

Ill be back!!
Rainer Hartmann

Get Rainerized at
or call 513.351.0600.
Das Gym is located in Cincinnati, Ohio
at 6200 Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge.

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