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Volume 8 issue 4 contents

  Dave Diana
Countdown to Bodybuilding Success

I took no body fat measurements and just used pictures and the mirror to assess my progress.

  Liz Maurice
IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor. Wins Her IFBB Pro Card!

hard work, and self-discipline were responsible for her incredible rise to the top.

  Greg Daniels
Advance Muscle Mass Plateau Buster

How I Gainded More Muscle in Six Weeks than in the Previous Six Years

 Dave Meyers
2002 NPC Free Monster Mash Overall Champion

Complete Contest Preparation – Here’s How I Did it

 Dewayde C. Perry, M.D.,
An Uncommon Marriage – My Life in Bodybuiling and Medicine

NPC Central States Middleweight Champion contest prep

Questions and answers with DeWayde Perry, M.D.


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