The Road Less Taken

By Kevin Burger
Beverly International Nutrition
No Nonsense Newsletter Volume 9 issue 2
"The uncomfortable truth is too many of those who venture to the fields of iron and steel give up, quit, abandon the glorious task too soon to realize the sub-surface bounty of exercise, good eating and training. The qualities they lacked to keep them going were amongst the qualities they were about to discover
"- Dave Draper in Brother Iron, Sister Steel
Beverly International Nutrition

I am still riding
on cloud nine
with my first
open win, but I
am hungry for more.

I read about
natural athletes,
like myself,
making solid
gains, placing
high and often
winnning contests.

  What an amazing and eventful journey it has been. I have not only made huge strides physically over the past three years, but mentally as well. I've already fulfilled many of my goals as a natural bodybuilder. You can too -- with determination, self-discipline, and the proper commitment to hard work and proper nutrition. Here's how I did it.

  I started in high school training for athletics. Then went to Ohio State, not for football, they don't have too many 5'6", 160-pounders there. I did keep training though, but for the first two years my gains weren't the greatest. As I look back I'm not surprised. My supplements of choice at the time were cheap whey protein powder and beer (No, I didn't mix them together.) Bodybuilding competition was the furthest thing from my mind. Then my friend, Sean Young and I attended the Arnold Classic. I fell in love with the sport instantly, but there was no way I thought I could compete. Still it psyched up my training and interest in bodybuilding. Subsequently I attended some local shows and realized, "Hey, maybe I can compete at this level." The next question was where to begin and how?

Kevin Burger
Kevin Burger, Battle of Champions,
Bantamweight Winner

  I was working at a nutrition center in Columbus and began reading everything I could get my hands on. Sean came up from Cincinnati and brought me a stack of No Nonsense Newsletters and that's where I was introduced to Beverly International. I read about natural athletes, like myself, making solid gains, placing high and often winning contests. "Can this be real or just more hocus pocus advertising?"

  For five months I continued to read everything and Beverly was starting to rise to the top of my awareness. Then when a few of my trusted close friends told me Beverly was the real deal I made my decision. I was going to give the Beverly International program a try. My first appointment at Beverly was a humbling experience. I was under the presumption that I was in my best condition since my high school wrestling days... needless to say; my balloon popped when I was measured at 13% bodyfat and 155 pounds. I had a lot of work ahead of me. But I left with a no nonsense nutrition plan, good training advice and a dream. I started on my new training and diet plan with enthusiasm. I also began using Beverly International supplements for the first time with the staple of Mass Aminos, Ultra 40's, ZMA, and Ultra Size Chocolate (my favorite!). I could not believe it; within ten days I saw improvements in my physique! I knew then that I had made a wise decision starting with Beverly International.

  In the months that followed, I continued to increase in strength and improve my physique. The more progress I saw the easier it became to follow my meal plans. Now I couldn't wait to do my first show, the 2001 Natural Capital City in Columbus. When the strict contest prep began at eight weeks out, I was already in the best shape of my life. However, I still had a ways to go to be in "contest condition".

  Truthfully, those next eight weeks were some of the most difficult in my life. The contest preparation, combined with a demanding job, and a fulltime college course load were tests to my character and self-discipline. Living on a college campus during spring quarter did not make it any easier. The spoils that go along with college life constantly tempted me: beer, pizza, wings, parties, etc. etc. No, I didn't succumb to the temptations, but to say that I didn't think about it would be a lie. It took time to learn that it really takes a change of lifestyle to become a successful bodybuilder. With time and experience, I have learned to focus my attention toward my goals and away from the temporary fixes that would cut these goals short. Once my mindset changed, dealing with contest preparation became much easier. [ continued on next page ]
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