Bodybuilding Supplements a Must, Wisdom a Plus

That’s what I discovered when I was headed down the bodybuilding path going nowhere fast!

By John Petri, 1999 Overall Winner Indianapolis Bodybuilding Championship

Beverly International Fall 1999

I know you’re thinking here’s another one of those stories from someone pushing a product, right? Wrong!! Here is a story from a one time desperate bodybuilder who got lucky and turned to the right people for guidance. I am not pushing any product. But I will tell you what supplements turned me from 7.1% bodyfat to a viable contender for a top 5 spot at the NPC JR Nationals in 3 1/2 weeks!!

I mentioned desperate so we will start there. I was 3 1/2 weeks out from Junior Nationals. My body, unfortunately, was more like 6 weeks out. I am the most skeptical person you will ever meet when it comes to supplements. Everyone has "the best products" without which you will go nowhere, but when utilized make you Dorian Yates. I turn pages on magazine covers and in the back of my mind I hear my toilet flushing when I look at these ads. Well, like I said I was desperate so I went to see Roger and Sandy from Beverly International. I was still skeptical but I figured, hey I’ll buy a few supplements try them out and if they don’t work, I’m no worse off.

Roger took my bodyfat percent (7.1%), and with a voice slightly amused asked me "are you a good dieter?" It was at this stage I knew he was the right guy. No candy coatings, no pulling punches. He made it clear that he too thought I was further than 3 1/2 weeks out. I didn’t come there to be coddled and told how good I looked. I am an experienced competitor and I knew I was off and all I expected was the facts. I don’t believe at this stage that Roger thought I would make it, but he gave me the tools I needed and left it to me. I departed the Beverly International Nutrition Center with a jar of Ultra 40 Liver tablets, a jar of Mass Amion and a new diet plan. I went home and measured body parts.

bodybuilder John Petri
Through wisdom and the right supplments Mr Indianapolis John Petri

The next week brought changes in me I can only attribute to proper supplementation. I never changed my workout or cardio regimen but I dropped 10 lbs. (from 197 to 187) in the first week. Horrified initially at this I started measuring bodyparts in fear I was going to lose any size. Over the next four days I dropped another 5 lbs. That was 15 lbs. down and still no loss in mass according to the tape measure. I can only attribute this to the Mass Amino and the Ultra 40 Liver tablets. My vascularity was improving daily and I was getting ripped. After 2 weeks on the program I was 179 lbs. That was 1 1/2 weeks out, always a frantic time for me. It’s the time to decide when and if to carb load, how much, when to cut sodium, what to do with water, etc. but not this time. I was in the best shape of my life and Roger got me there. I was completely ready to do whatever he recommended in regards to my last weeks of prep.

I met with Roger a week out from the JR Nationals for guidance on my last week. Roger was surprised at the changes. I was no longer skeptical regarding anything with a Beverly International label. The changes were night and day. I was ready for a show that, without Roger’s help, I would have had to pass up. My quads and triceps were cross striated, my biceps had double splits and my confidence was through the roof.

I placed 7th in my class at the JR Nationals and a week later won the overall at the NPC Indianapolis Championships. I have yet to see the score cards but I have been told it was a unanimous decision at the Indianapolis. I was a middleweight there. How often do you hear of a middleweight getting a unanimous decision for an overall title? I say this not to toot my own horn, but so you can realize the importance and necessity of proper supplementation. Roger and Sandy guided me through two big shows, never asking for a thing in return. Roger patiently answered each phone call I made and each question I had like it was the most important thing he had to do. You’re still skeptical? Good! I’m a believer, and I’ve got my ace in the hole with Beverly International. You just stay skeptical, because I may be coming to your town to compete against you soon. Talk about an unfair advantage! I’ll see you with my supplements!

Roger asked me to share with you my leg training. This came as sort of a surprise to me since my legs used to be a weak bodypart for me. They are hard gainers so if it seems to you like I overtrain them, now you know why. My favorite day!


Stiff Leg Deadlifts		5 x 6-8 (1 x 10-12 warmup)
Dumbbell Leg Curls on Incline	4 x 8
Leg Curls			5 x 8-10


Leg Press			5 x 50 (or until weeping!)
Squats				4 x 8-10 (light weight, rarely above 315)
Hack Squats 			4 x 6-8
Lunges w/ Barbell		4 x 10
Extensions			5 x 10-12 (pause at top for 1 sec)

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