Volume 20 to 15

Volume 20 issue 4

› Classic Physique
Itching to compete but don’t feel you are quite big enough for bodybuilding
and also aren’t crazy about competing in Men’s Physique?

› Cydney Gillon IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Next Generation Fitness

› Leslie Hambrick From Cardio Queen to Sculpted Body
Set a goal to win a Masters Figure Title

Rebecca Powell My Journey from Competitive Boxer to Women’s Physique Competitor

› Frank Lagarde Don’t call it a Comeback
“Bodybuilding is a sport in which 99% of the athletic performance takes place before the day of competition.”

› Khoshal Azami Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle I quickly learned that there was a lot more to it than just pumping iron

Volume 20 issue 3

› Stacks for Men & Women 3 Levels of Stacking for reaching your Goals

› Jay Pratt 1st place, in both Men’s Physique Master’s and Open Division

› Karina Rhode My 9-Year Journey to an IFBB Pro Card

› Sean Young Here’s How I trained
for 2 Half-Marathons, a Pro Bodybuilding Show, at the same time!

› Savina Nikolova NPC Bikini Competitor
Becoming the BEST version of ME

Volume 20 issue 2

› Tiko Blane Leader of One, Leader of Many
"This story is different from any athlete profile we have ever printed.

The beginning is not unlike that of many people in our society.."

› Julie Parent Ms. Natural KY Bikini Shares Her Lifestyle
Challenges I faced that I’d like to share with you.

› Lisa Lachowski I Am Living My Dream as an IFBB Women’s Physique Pro
Examples of the diet program, and training I did for my last competition.

› John Lankford Sixty May be the New 40!
When I turned 60, I got the itch to compete again. I really wanted to know if I still had it.

› Steve Colescott Iryna McCraw’s Road to Success Fitness Systems

Volume 20 issue 1

› Trim and Tone Figure Plan Lose fat, tone up, while you add lean, shapely muscle & strength

› Sarah Sweis 10 Years of Training Still Evolving. First competition was both scary and thrilling

› Beverly’s Best Gain Muscle & Lose Fat Nutrition Training Plan

› Beverly Beat 20 #1 Winter 2015

› Mark Rhoades A Fantastic Journey into Men’s Physique at Age 51

› Steve Thomas Although triathlons were fine I really wanted to try bodybuilding

› Chad Forrester Balancing Life’s Demands with Bringing my Best to Stage

19 issue 2

› Beverly Advisor Team Use this high-potency stack to Produce Unprecedented Gains in Muscle Size.

› Julie Lohre Want to get started (or restarted) with your fitness lifestyle?

› Dana Taggart Cop, Mom and Fitness America Class Winner

› Joey Martinolich All In The Family, diet and training to make my bodybuilding transformation

› Ryan Propst The Dynamic Drug-Free Duo Beth and Ryan

19 issue 1

› Beverly Staff 40+ Men Use This Stack to get Your Physique Back! [ Masters Bodybuilding Physique ]

› Molli Smith Two Overall Bikini Titles, Here’s How I Did It

› Joe Lewandowski Men’s physique diet, supplements, and training

› Sabrina Sonner Bodybuilding to Figure to IFBB pro card Women’s Physique

› Joe Munich My No Nonsense Approach to Bodybuilding Success


› Volume 18
Samara Donald Bikini training diet, Jen Main Post-Pregnancy meal plan, Dan Brady Over 50 Still Improving, Steve Kuchinsky become a Fitness model

› Volume 17
Mark Domme Prep for NPC Texas State, Katie Craig advice to first time Figure Competitors

› Best Of Beverly Part One
Handpicked articles originally published 2008-2010

16 issue 1

› Aaron Whitten Old School Training + Real World Supplements = RESULTS!

› Straightforward Solutions Your Muscle building Fat Blasting Success

› LaDawn T. McDay Journey to the 2010 NPC USA in Las Vegas

› Brian Wiefering Listen up ATHLETES: The Impossible is Now Possible

› Bob Dumes Bodybuilding at any age

› For Figure Athletes Training Diet, Tightening Shredding Pre-Contest Workout Program

15 issue 3

› Shala Singer Complete Beginner to Figure Champion

› Michael Salazar Here is my story, my own personal "Evolution"

› Brian Wiefering Here’s How to Get Back In Shape Fast!

› Randy Snodgrass With Over 39 Years Training Experience, Here’s How I Prepare for a Contest

› Debora Wendte Going for My Second NABBA Nationals at 43 Years of Age!

› Jim Kitchen Entering My 1st Bodybuilding Contest – My 45th Birthday Challenge

› How to Increase Your Bench Press by Thirty Pounds in Six Weeks

› Jessica Smith Rock Hard, Figure and Bodybuilding Shows