Beverly Beat Volume 16 issue 1

By: Sandy Riedinger
Magazine 16 #1

Drop down and give me 50 pushups…
While driving 15 hours to Florida on our winter vacation, the author, Vince Flynn was playing just about non-stop. We listened to books on CD all the way there and back. The main character was Mitch Rapp. Mitch was in shape. Good shape. Every morning he would drop down and do pushups and sit ups. When he ran on the treadmill it was all out. Full tilt. Sweat flying. I was psyched up. After the 15 hour drive back home listening to another book with Mitch doing pushups and sit-ups, guess what? I broke down and did a few. Boy-style, that is. I got about 6-7. Not too bad, not too good either. I haven’t done real pushups in years. I started doing them every morning just like Mitch. Skip going to the coffee maker… wait to let the dog out… just get up out of bed, drop down and let ‘em rip. Gets your blood running heavy and your muscles all pumped!!! Wow I have really been missing out on the fun stuff. Roger saw me doing them. Secretly… I was really trying to hide the fact that I was doing that exercise all together. Two reasons… One for sheer embarrassment that it took a character from a V. Flynn book to make me drop down and bust a move, and secondly I felt unworthy and UN fit. I am HUMBLED.

Since then, I have worked up to 12-15. Roger added pushups, planks, and situps to our new training program. Now remember we train heavy and for the most part hard. We do the basics with a little bit of fun cable work mixed in. This additive with the push up was a real live one. Who knew that Roger could even do a push up? He had that total shoulder replacement about 5 years ago. PT told him that he would never be able to do a full push up again. I saw him whip out 30 on the shipping floor at Beverly. I was impressed. No doubt… he’s probably been secretly doing them too!! Funniest thing… for Christmas I got an entire Vince Flynn library collection. Eleven books with Mitch doing pushups. Now that I think about it, I really think that Roger bought them for me because he wanted me to be inspired to keep doing pushups just like Mitch! Men!!

Here are the areas that have improved on me since
starting my pushup regimen.

  1. Pecs
  2. Hands, forearms, biceps, triceps
  3. Shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back
  4. Abs and core strength
  5. Glutes
  6. Hamstrings, quads, calf, feet
  7. My heart and discipline (this is for sure)

The Push UP will work for you too, I’ll bet my full pay check at Beverly on it!
FYI: Here’s the rest of our current workout.

Saturday (Heavy) / Tuesday (Light) Lying L Flye (2 sets)
Bench Press (4-5 sets)
Row (Roger uses "fat bar") (4-5 sets)
1 Arm Military Press (4-5 sets)
Lat Pulldown (4-5 sets)
Push-ups (4 sets)
Situps (4 sets)

Sunday (Heavy) / Thursday (Light)
Isolateral Leg Press (4-5 sets)
Leg Curl (2-3 sets)
Trap Bar Deadlift (Squat) 4-5 sets
Shrug (2 sets)
Curl (4-5 sets)
Close Grip Bench Press 4-5 sets
Plank 2 sets

Spotlight on NEW baby bird Business owners!

Do you feel lost and alone in the kitchen? Are your self made workouts just not cutting the mustard? Give IFBB Figure Pro, Shala Singer, a contact. Beginner, pro, or somewhere in between, she is ready to help you achieve your physique and fitness goals.

Shala Singer on stage
  Visit her @shalarenae

Fresno California has a new gym owner. Natural Pro female bodybuilder, Terri Reeves is the new owner of "Body Temple Fitness"!! She grew up in NJ, a skinnyfat Tomboy. She became interested in restructuring her life and body, put a high priority on healthy eating, and fell in love with bodybuilding! She’s now been a BEVERLY champion for many years. Owning her own gym has been a long-time goal. She wants to help others reach optimal health!! Contact her for nutrition help and BEVERLY supplements! Contact info:
Pro female bodybuilder Terri Reeves

Sean Lynch is the new owner of Extreme Solutions, in Riverside/Corona CA. Sean specializes in REAL training and REAL nutrition for serious people with an emphasis on competitive bodybuilding and powerlifting.
Sean has been a Beverly advocate for 14 years!
Sean started powerlifting at his childhood best friend’s house with his step dad 24 years ago. He switched to bodybuilding 6 years later, the rest is history. He now has his own training facility. Dalton Payton is his VP and with Sean’s help competed and won his first show last summer. Sean has a true passion to help people and hopes to pass on what he’s learned to others.

Sean Lynch powerlifter to bodybuilder

New Recipes anyone??

If you read our December E-Newsletter you saw some great tips from figure competitor, Judy Weichman. Here’s the protein bar recipe she mentioned.
4 scoops vanilla Muscle Provider
half cup Smuckers natural peanut butter
half cup water
1-3/4 cup Quaker quick oats
Cinnamon, I put a lot in :)
Sometimes I put walnut pecan pieces for something different.

Stir up in bowl. Put into 8x8 pan and refrigerate.
Cut into bars when they stiffen up a little.

Yummy…You can double batch and freeze some!

• Teresa Giordano, Power of Fitness, offers a sneak recipe from her second cook book!!

Banana protein chocolate pancakes:
In a blender combine:
half cup old fashioned oats
half small banana
third cup 1% fat whipped cottage cheese
half scoop chocolate Beverly Protein powder (UMP or MP - your choice)
5 egg whites (or ¾ cup liquid whites) Puree until smooth.

Cook each pancake in a nonstick skillet with ¼ tsp coconut oil over medium heat. Makes 2 large pancakes, Calories 273, protein 30 grams. In a hurry, normally skip breakfast? Make them ahead of time, refrigerate, then pop in the microwave for 20 seconds. Add a tablespoon of nut butter and wrap it like a Taco. Enjoy!

…Meet Erica WOW!! George…

Dear Sandy,
I just wanted to say THANKS… your products ROCK!!!
I’ve been using BI products for years and recently became a private distributor. Beverly supplements were an integral part in my preparation for my first figure competition, the OCB Midwest States. I competed in 3 Divisions (Masters, Novice, and Open) with 1st places in Masters and Novice and 2nd in the Open. It was like a dream come true.

I’m 35 years old, with 2 children and married to my wonderful husband, Tony. I’ve been working out 15 years and wanting to compete for 10 of them. I looked up to Monica Brandt, Cory Everson, and Mia Finnegan. But, the time never seemed to be right. This year… it was finally the perfect time!! Now, I’m ’bitten by the bug’. I cannot wait for my next show! – Erica George

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with all of the wonderful emails and testimonials. You, our clients are wonderful people. We appreciate you more than words can say. There could never be a better business for Roger and myself.
…Beverly offers all kinds of people no matter what sport or fun activities you do, a helping hand…

What does a Half Marathoner, Bike Racer, and Pro Basketball player have in common?
Beverly Supplements!

Marathoner bodybuilder Sean Young
Sean Young.. half marathoner / bodybuilder/ dad.

This is what Sean thinks of Quadracarn and Creatine..
Hey Roger,
I just wanted to let you know the great results I have seen from Quadracarn and your new Creatine with beta-alanine. We recently had our 3rd girl and my wife wanted to train for and run the Flying Pig Half Marathon to get back in shape. I reluctantly agreed to train with her and be a supportive husband! I didn’t want to lose any muscle and did not want to miss out on my bodybuilding training, so I did both. Right at the right time, you sent out a "heads up" that if I was attending the Arnold Classic, to register for a drawing on Beverly supplements at the Nutrition X booth. Surprisingly I won … $1000 dollars in Beverly supplements. This was my chance to try some new ones in addition to my usual Beverly supplements. I stocked up on Quadracarn and Creatine Select. The results were fantastic. While training for a half marathon, I actually got stronger and leaner at the same time. I’m not real big on numbers, but I squatted my all time best of 500 lbs for 4 reps on a Tuesday and ran 10 miles the following Saturday!! I think this is a great testament to your supplement brand and I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know. Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Sean Young

Category 1 Bike Racer, Martin Sanders

Martin Sanders
Martin Sanders, 36 year old bike mechanic at Resers Bicycle Newport, KY Favorite products: Mass Maker and UMP

I was first introduced to BI in January of 2010. A customer in our shop noticed that I was becoming very thin. He knows I take my training very seriously and asked what products I used for recovery. I showed him, and he pointed out that it was full of sugar. He said, "Try Mass Maker" (which we actually sell at the bike shop). I started recovering faster and adding muscle … almost immediately. When the race season began I performed much better, had less soreness, and no cramping. In 4 long distance Mountain Bike races this year (some of which are 24 hours, racing from noon Saturday through the night till noon Sunday), I had 3 first place finishes and a 6th place finish. Most recently, racing solo, I won the 24 Hours of Dino endurance mountain bike race.

Of course discipline and determination played a big role in my results, but ultimately I believe that it was the Mass Maker and the other Beverly supplements that aided recovery and gave me the nutrition I needed to make this happen. Thank You Beverly!

Here’s how NBA Pro, Tyler Hansbrough, trains to add strength and power in preparation for the long NBA season. Tyler’s BI supplements for recovery and strength:
Muscle Provider
Glutamine Select
Muscle Synergy

Day #1
Dynamic warm up (skips, arm swings, backwards running, running drills)
Short Hill sprints (2 sets of 6) with a minute rest in between
Power cleans off a block (8 sets)
Romanian Dead Lift into a pull (4 sets) paired
Barbell squats (4 sets)
Calf work

Day #2 General strength circuit (situps and pushups - 12 sets each). There’s those situps and pushups again…
Medicine ball work - 400 reps
Hurdle mobility work (stepping over hurdles) paired with some dynamic flexibility exercises
Dumbbell low incline press (4 sets) paired with Pull ups (4 sets) One arm cable rows paired with dips (4 sets)
Rotator cuff work

Day #3
Dynamic warm up (see Day 1)
Lateral change of direction work on a sand volleyball court
Hang cleans (6 sets)
Medicine ball dunks (4 sets)
Squats (8 sets of 3)
Leg extension and curls
Calf work

Day #4
Pedestal work. Swiss ball work. Isometric stabilization exercises
Accentuated bank sit ups (reach over head come back down)
Alternate dumbbell military presses standing (4 sets) paired with close grip chin ups with a fat bar (for grip strength)
Arm work (fat grip barbell curls paired with barbell skull crushers)

Give me your imagination for a moment… Beverly is a root that is tangled in the soil and the roots are running wild down by an ever flowing river. Growing and spreading under the surface. The roots are underground, maybe in some areas, unseen but there. Solid and strong. Meeting other grounded roots and populating- communicating.

Safe and secured by the blanket of topsoil that covers life underneath. There is REAL life in this BEVERLY Company. We may not be the tallest TREE growing above ground, but we sure have a strong support system and you are a component in that system. You are the root that is spreading the energy far and wide. If I am Mother Sandy Nature in this moment, I thank you for your life blood. One of the best things in my life is helping others grow. I love to assist, give and see your progress. In closing, remember to not only work on your bodies for a greater look, but work on the inside spirit that gives you the ultimate everlasting happiness and peace. Tell others about Beverly, and help them transform their life. Be a giver… Ta Ta for now… Please contact if you have some good things to say! I want to hear them.