Power Report:

Terry Bryan 1,000 lbs Squat

By: Sandy Riedinger, Owner Beverly International
Magazine 7 #1

It was a lift that rocked a man’s soul and shook the powerlifting community. Terry Bryan had just performed a 1,000 pound squat with perfect form … in his first meet!

Here’s an interview I conducted with Terry just one month before he attempts a world record squat in his next meet.

SR: Terry, Let’s start out by getting some background information:

TB: I’m thirty-one years old, married with two children. I really got my start in training when I was 15. My mom and dad worked out in our basement regularly. Believe it or not my introduction to weight training was my mom making me spot for her.

I continued training throughout high school, primarily for football. Upon graduation I attended UC and played football my first semester there – at a weight of 180 lbs. But, my desire was no longer there. My dad had suddenly passed away and I just wasn’t into it anymore. I continued training but my new focus was on "getting big."

In 1993 I moved to Laguna Beach, California and took a job at my friend’s Baskin Robins ice cream parlor. While in California I trained with Mike Mentzer and at the then brand new Met Rx training center under Dr. Scott Connelly.

I moved back to Cincinnati and opened my own training center, which is now known as Terry Bryan’s Training Center. I personally train 60 – 70 clients per week in addition to managing a core of professional personal trainers at the center.

SR: What about your own training?

TB: I currently train 4 – 5 days per week. My training incorporates extremely heavy power work (for example – 905 lbs. in the Good Morning exercise) for two days alternated with speed movements, often utilizing bands and chains. Most of my current training methods are adopted from Louis Simmons.

SR: How long have you been powerlifting competitively?

TB: Well, I actually started as an Olympic Lifter - training for the 2004 Olympics with Lars Anderson. After a year and a half one of my Training Center athletes, Karen Sizemore set a world powerlifting record with a 405 lb bench. This got me excited about powerlifting so I started training with Karen.

And I’ll tell you she’s great. She has more guts than any partner male or female with whom I’ve ever trained. Plus she’s got a fantastic positive attitude. No matter how much weight’s on the bar – she knows she can do it.

I’ve actually competed in just one meet, the IPA Nationals. I squatted 1,000 lbs in my first meet.

SR: What’s next?

TB: I’m going for a world record 1035 this month. My future goals are an 1100 lb. squat and a world record powerlifting total in the next two years.

SR: What about diet and supplements?

TB: I eat a lot – about 7000 calories over 8 – 9 meals per day. But I make sure that I not only get an overload of calories, but that I also get a surplus of essential nutrients. My diet staple is red meat.

I use Beverly International supplements for 2 or 3 of my meals. Currently I mix Ultra Size with Muscle Provider, occasionally throwing in some Mass Maker for the added calories and recovery substrates. I normally take 40 grams L-Glutamine and 15 grams Creatine Monohydrate after training. I also take 6 Antioxidant tablets daily in addition to my normal vitamin / mineral program.

My Beverly supplement program has helped tremendously in the area of joint integrity and recovery from injury. I take 9 to 15 Joint Care daily. Remember, I lift some ridiculous poundages in my training, and work at least 60 – 70 hours per week. So I’m under a lot of stress, both physically and mentally. My potential for injury is there daily. I know the Joint Care has kept me relatively pain and injury free.

SR: Tell us a little about Terry Bryan’s Training Center.

TB: We’re located at 7791 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati Ohio (513) 793-7867. We have a staff of 11 guys and girls. We’re open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Our program is “results oriented” with a very serious approach to training. We emphasize that each of our clients learns good technique on the core exercises. Each trainer is well-versed in nutrition and helps each client get the proper macro and micronutrients for health and to achieve their individual goals.

SR: Well all I can say is seeing what you’ve already accomplished and knowing you as I do, it’ll take a freight train blocking the power rack to keep you from achieving what you’ve set out to do! Good luck!

NNM 7 #1