Seven Year Dream

Becomes Bodybuilding Reality

Women’s North American Bodybuilding Champion

By: Michelle Woo
Magazine 7 #2

Sent: Monday, November 20, 2000 2:46 AM
To: Roger Riedinger
Subject: Oh My God!!

I’m still in shock.
Just got back from the San Francisco North American Bodybuilding Championships. I’m afraid I may get a reputation of being a trophy hog or something and felt a little uneasy about my decision to do this but.

I competed in the novice and open divisions.

I originally signed up for the novice but saw my competition and thought I should go for the challenge and the promoter suggested doing both.

So here I sit in shock...
I got both overalls and the trophy is as big as me! And heavier than I thought it would be! What a great way to celebrate a belated birthday (it was yesterday and it sucked being at home doing nothing in prep for my last show) and the end of the year.

Not sure I’ll keep doing shows though I’ve been encouraged by many in the industry to keep going with it because of my great potential. However, I achieved all that I set out to accomplish and much more than I ever dreamed in this last month. So only time will tell if I take this any further.

Thanks you once again for your support and guidance. I’m still working on the article for you!
Hugs, Michelle

And here’s the article:

Michelle bicep flex while reclining on beach
For seven years I dreamed of competing. This year Beverly made it reality.

Wow! I’m still in shock! Here it is 2 days after my third contest of my first year competing. A seven-year dream has finally become a reality. Not only did I achieve my goal of competing, I went above and beyond my wildest expectations. I won four 1st place trophies including the Open Overall for the North American Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships.

My interest in weight training began way back in high school during rehab for a pair of chronically dislocated kneecaps. During college I continued weight training by taking classes offered by the Phys. Ed. department (my undergraduate major). The more I learned about training – the greater my interest.

By the time I finished my Masters in Physical Therapy, my appreciation for the human body had crystallized into a dream. I wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show. I hoped my PT coursework had given me the physiological and anatomical knowledge base to train in the most effective manner.

I especially appreciated the comprehensive supplementation regime that Beverly provided. There was no way I could have retained every ounce of lean mass while stripping my bodyfat in half without Beverly supplements. I used quite a list and it paid off – 3 first places in a row!

I was fortunate enough to have connected with a wonderful training partner for one and a half years when I first got out of graduate school. He introduced me to a plethora of exercises and got me psyched about training different body parts to an intensity I never knew existed. Thanks Dave’ for starting me on the right path.

For the next seven years that dream of competing kept sitting in the back of my mind. Each winter I sent holiday greeting cards with the same message. Still lifting at the gym every morning but no thoughts of competing. I just can’t diet’or too much stage fright, or both, whatever excuse fit that season.

A new millennium and with it a new mindset. No more excuses! 2000 was the year to DO IT! It was time to step up my intensity and buckle down on eating. Temptations abound in the hospital setting where I work, especially from Halloween to Easter when goodies are always readily available. My co-workers were amazed at the incredible amount of focus and dedication I exhibited. (The recent acquisition of retainers for my teeth didn’t hurt either. I still thank my orthodontist for her role in helping me resist all the temptations to cheat on my diet!)

Here I was 8 weeks out from the first show, at 13.8% body fat and 115.5 lbs. I hired a choreographer to put together my routine and I started practicing posing on a semi-regular basis. But there was still one big part of my contest preparation that was incomplete – nutrition – I knew what I shouldn’t eat – but what should I eat? And how much? And what about supplements?

Michelle lean and ready to win
I took the recommended Beverly Nutrition supplements religiously throughout my entire contest preparation. I made massive orders and utilized recycled film canisters to hold my scheduled supplements throughout the day.

One day while searching for answers on the Internet – I struck Gold! I found the Beverly site, From there I went to the No Nonsense Magazine archives and found one account after another of competitor’s stories who were initially very similar to mine (who would’ve ever thought I’d be writing one of these today?) and had achieved their bodybuilding dream.

I sent in the workout/diet via email, along with some pictures to show my current physique. (Funny how I look at those pictures now and am amazed how I ever thought I looked "really good" then). Within a few days, They responded with a comprehensive eating, training and supplement program tailored to me, allowing me to continue some aspects of my current program and making suggestions for adjustments on other aspects.
What a service!

With Beverly I had the comfort and science of a structured, regimented program laid out for me. The meals seemed balanced and the scheduled carbo-loading 2 times a week sounded like heaven, something constant to look forward to twice a week.

I especially appreciated the comprehensive supplementation regime that they provided. Having a medical background, I knew I’d need to supplement my diet to get adequate nutritional support during this body stressing pre contest process but to figure out what I actually needed on my own was a total puzzle.

The supplement business is basically a zoo with every company touting their own product as the best and essential. Yet I’d found very little science and nutritional research geared toward female athletes.

They provided research and made individualized adjustments to my supplement schedule specific to a female athlete’s need, rather than just making one blanket prescription for the general population. My instincts told me Beverly was the real thing.

But, I rely on science – not guesses. I still had to do a little more research before putting my full faith in Beverly. Every thing I read and everyone I talked to (including a number of supplement store proprietors that didn’t even carry Beverly), confirmed Beverly as producers of the highest quality proteins/products available today. What a reputation!

So now I was "hooked," another "Beverly Believer." I took the recommended their supplements throughout my contest preparation period. As the contest approached my days were typical bodybuilding -- filled with working out, posing, practicing my routine, tanning, cooking, and eating.

Throughout this entire stressful process, I remained healthy and strong. I attribute this to Advanced Antioxidant Vitamin Compound, Muscle Mass BCAAs, L-Glutamine and Muscle Provider, the strong whey immune potentiating protein.

Not to be an official commercial billboard but it’s true, despite lack of sleep due to nervousness and my work, I kept my energy up with Lean Out and the Ultra 40 Liver tablets (along with an occasional nap in the middle of the day when I could sneak one in.)

Contest day arrived and I was full of nervous energy; I couldn’t sit still for the life of me. To make things worse my trainer (former as of that day) failed to show up at the contest.

Luckily, they had sent me a pre contest guide that turned out to be my bible for the day. When everyone else had their trainer to help them prepare I utilized my Precontest Seminar guide and the kindness of the other competitors, to get me through my first show and win my first trophy.

My final body composition two weeks prior to the show had me at 7 percent body-fat and 107.5 lbs. My appearance, posing and routine continued to improve. enough to win 3 more 1st place trophies! My overall win at the North American Natural makes me eligible for my pro-card in the ABA.

While everyone else had their trainer there to help them prepare – mine didn’t bother to show up. Luckily, I had my Precontest Seminar guide to get me through my first show.

side chest pose

My Transformation has been the experience of a lifetime! Photo credit: John Woo

This has certainly been the experience of a lifetime. I can’t express enough my deep appreciation to everyone at Beverly International for their wisdom, advice, and support throughout this whole process. In this industry where I found people to be very undependable, Beverly was always right there for me! I love their no nonsense approach! I have told them many times that I only wish they were closer to me here in California instead of clear across the country in Kentucky. Their service and wonderful and powerful supplements were just invaluable. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Here is the exact diet I followed 12 days prior to my first contest. This was very typical with the exception of the occasional higher carb days throughout the final six weeks of my contest prep.

Supplements: Cycled various supplements from the categories below throughout the ten-week precontest phase.

Fat Burning:

Lean Mass Support:

8:00 am: Grilled Turkey Breast Burger, 2 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, and 2 tablespoons Salsa
10:30 am: Muscle Provider 1 scoop, 1 tablespoon Flaxseed Oil
1:30 pm: Chicken Breast (5 ½ oz. can), Sweet Potato (2 oz.), Salad (2 cups), MCT Oil (1 tbsp)
3:50pm: Beverly Muscle Provider 1 scoop, 1 tablespoon Flaxseed Oil
7:00 pm: Chicken Breast BBQ (4 oz.), Broccoli (1 cup), Sweet Potato (2 oz.)
9:00 pm: Grilled Turkey Breast Burger, Salsa (2 tablespoons), Lettuce (1 cup)

Daily Totals:

  • Protein (56 pecent) – 175 grams
  • Carbs (14 percent) – 43 grams
  • Fat (30 percent) – 42 grams
  • *The addition of the Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 Liver Tablets increases total protein to 200 grams.

My activity log for the same day showed:
Stationary Bike (warm–up – 5 minutes)
Weights (Back, Shoulders, Posing – 60 minutes)
Treadmill (Intervals – 35 minutes)


  • I took in about 1.5 gallons of water a day, carried the jug wherever I went.
  • My workouts were 3–4 days on, 1 day off. I have since cut back to 2 days on and one day off which is working out better for me in terms of recovery and building.
  • Cardio was 6 days a week, ˜30 minutes.
  • Keep track of your supplements: I used film canisters labeled according to timing of consumption. i.e.. before workout, before cardio, after workout, with meals, 45 minutes before meals, etc. Makes it easy to pack for the day or even on trips
  • No trying to remember which ones to take at what time every day. And no more carrying all those bulky bottles.
  • Shop at warehouse stores like Costco or Sams and buy in bulk. You know you’ll be eating all of it in no time anyway. Common items: chicken, beef, pork, canned tuna, broccoli, spinach, grape tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, oatmeal, eggs (you can even get 15 dozen at a time!!), cottage cheese, grapefruits, apples, and containers in which to portion out all your servings.
  • When cooking meats, I like to BBQ because it’s easy and relatively mess free. Then I immediately portion out the sizes and put them in those bulk plastic food containers (Ziploc and Glad Ware make them and a very sound investment for packing food on the go.)
  • For the veggies in bulk that I can’t ingest fast enough before they rot, I boil the whole batch in chicken broth, portion out in Baggies and freeze them. I even have a delicious and nutritious soup base afterwards that I can freeze in portions too. Throw in some other veggies and meat and voila, a meal! When I’m running low on veggies, I pull them out of the freezer and thaw or microwave. Works especially well for spinach, but I’ve been known to do that for broccoli (a little mushy), green beans, and sweet potatoes too.
  • For adding flavor to traditionally bland precontest food: Bland no more! I will SPICE up any food! Try Mrs Dash (she and I are friends now, you know!), fresh garlic, fresh ginger, onions, green onions (so far no one will talk to you anymore...but dieting has gotten you cranky so who cares?!), pepper, curry powder, rosemary, Italian seasonings, mustard, lemons, limes, low fat/nonfat dressings, salsa (one of my absolute favorites), cinnamon, butter buds, sugar substitutes, light jams, vanilla extract, almond extract, mint extract... just to name a few.

Before starting the Beverly program I did some research. Here’s what I found: Every thing I read and everyone I talked to (including a number of supplement store proprietors that didn’t even carry Beverly) confirmed that Beverly produced the highest quality products available.