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Volume 8 issue 1 contents

  Rita Kaya
Balancing Your Supplement Budget
Get back to basics with the supplements the most bang for your buck

 What a Bodybuilder 6 meal diet requires
Muscle requires more than protein, substrates to convert the food to energy.

  Anthony Busacco
Smart, Intelligent and Winning with Beverly
Discipline and has given me a healthy respect for my body

 Kimberly Sommers
2002 NPC Northern Kentucky Women’s Overall Winner
Kim has been training with weights for 22 years

  Kurt Windisch
On the Road to the Nationals
Winning my weight class at the Jr. Nationals!

  Greg A. Daniels
Anything Is Possible When You Have A Dream!
Yes, I wanted to compete – but not until I felt I was the best I could be

NNM 7 #4

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  Donnell Etienne
No Big Macs for this Big Cop

  Valerie Dussell
The Iron Cowgirl

  Sean Young
I Make Gains With a Little Help from My Friends

  Mark Perry
I added 14 pounds of lean muscle in 16 weeks

  Dennis B. Weis
Mind Power Doctrine Of An Iron Warrior

  Gary Hagl
NPC Drug Free Champion

  Charlie Gripp
I Attained the Best Condition of My Life at 50!


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