Bodybuilding World

Volume 9 issue #2 contents

Todd Jackson
Maximum Power and a National Championship
  In a previous issue of the No Nonsense Newsletter, I was happy to see one of my favorite training programs for great strength gains, the Matrix system. Twelve years earlier when I was introduced to this program it was new and only being used for the bench press. It worked very well and led to many championships for me and those on the power team I coached.
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Lowell Faison
My journey in bodybuilding as a Double Pro in the WNBF and NGA
  My quest to compete in Beverly's Northern Kentucky Classic stems back to 2000, the same year I started working with Beverly. I always wanted to do this show but kept coming up with excuses why I shouldn't. The truth being, I simply did not have enough confidence in my physique to compete against other Beverly athletes.
  Features:[ Athlete to natural Pro bodybuilder] [ Pre Contest diet and Supplementation ]

Roger Schei
Training and Nutrition Tips for the Time Challenged
  After another year of frustrating results I ran into an old friend, Matt Saiperias, who is both a bodybuilding competitor and gym owner (Hardbodies Gym). I talked to him for a while and told him that I'd been competing for two years but had not had any success. He suggested I give Beverly International a try. Just getting some advice from a person I could trust was exciting to begin with, then I really got jacked reading the information on the Beverly website when I got home.
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Tommy Hawk
If You're Thinking About Trying Beverly... Just Do It!
  I almost gave up. My friends said, "Forget it, just go on and pig out." I even told my wife that it was probably time to take a break. Then I received a card in the mail from Lana and Jeremiah at Beverly International. (They'd had been with me throughout the whole contest preparation experience which I'll get to in a minute.) They wrote that they understood how disappointed I was but to take some photos anyway since I was in the best shape of my life. So I took the photos you see here and decided to check the internet one last time. That's where I found an announcement for the Eastern Seaboard, May 10 in Atlanta, Georgia. My wife said, "Go for it", and I did.
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Jason M. Theobald
From Fourth To First In Less Than A Year
  Bill answered my questions and Jeremiah gave me a simple plan that allowed me to gain 22 lbs. in six months. I'd been following a Body-For-Life type meal plan and Jeremiah suggested I merely add four scoops of Mass Maker to my daily fare. Soon, I upped the Mass Maker to six scoops daily and replaced two of my meals with Ultra Size and cream. Chris and Anthony provided invaluable, unbiased information that helped me competitively.
  Features: [ Open and Lightweight Novice competitor ] [Pre Contest diet ] [ First place Bantam open Mr. Cincinnati ]

Kevin Burger
The Road Less Taken
  I was working at a nutrition center in Columbus and began reading everything I could get my hands on. Sean came up from Cincinnati and brought me a stack of No Nonsense Newsletters and that's where I was introduced to Beverly International. I read about natural athletes, like myself, making solid gains, placing high and often winning contests. "Can this be real or just more hocus pocus advertising?"
  Features: [ Natural bodybuilder compettion goals ] [ Fat Burning Diet and Supplementation ] [ 1st place juniors division & Bantam weight ] [ Training Split & Cycles ]